For small businesses, doing tasks and jobs faster and with less downtime is essential is in growing the company and freeing time up. Key benefits of a more efficient business model are limitless and all will only benefit the bottom line and business model.


Having a fluid and constantly updating work system will reduce data and information loss. The ‘Cloud’ is digital space that can incorporate majority of business processes. From typing up content to sending and receiving emails, the cloud offers a threat and human error free space for companies to grow. Below are some key and highly reputable cloud vendors that offer services to promote an ease of use online system.

  • Google docs
    Google offers a range of software that allow for a constantly updating and saving format that just about eliminates loss. Google docs is the ‘office word’ of the future, The web based platform allows for easy sharing and also constantly saves any progress as in real time.
  • DropBox
    This is a secure file sharing and storage space that is easily accessible from any device that has a connection to the internet. Physical loss or damage cannot occur due to the multiple locational storage system in place; this means that sensitive business data and information won’t be either lost or stolen.
  • Microsoft Exchange
    A well rounded emailing system will allow businesses both small and large the ability to communicate effortlessly around the globe. Exchange has platforms for any device that all share and store data and content online. This safe and unmonitored communication medium promotes a seamless business environment.


The task of telling people what to do may have people cringe. Not wanting to develop negative business relationships is a good thing but if it’s at the expense of your time then it will impact the business financially. Here are some key factors in delegating effectively.
  • Choose the right People
    You wouldn’t tell your 3 year old child to service your car; it is important to make sure the people your selection have the right qualifications and experience necessary to undertake the role. Make sure you understand what the task requires and choose the appropriate people with relevant knowledge in the subject to attend.
  • Patience
    Knowing that people have varying skill levels is a good first step to understanding how long particular tasks will take. This is especially true if the person has never done something similar to it before. Respect the time it takes and understand from other points of view what is expected.
  • Recognition
    Everybody like to be acknowledged when they do something well. It has been proven that maintaining a promotive and enthusiastic environment in the workplace will boost morale and also a noticeable spike in productivity.


The humble template is also a great way to boost effectiveness. Having methods to eliminate mundane tasks, for example, contact outlines with repetitive details that are used for every client already made will decrease such wasted time substantially. Re-writing content that could simply be pasted in, will compound and everyone will agree is a much better way to eliminate such wasted time. Such templates to maximise efficiency are:

  • Contracts
    For businesses that have multiple similar contracts the ability to easily switch and change the relevant words and numbers will save hours. Hours that also translates into money by the way of wages. Cut your cost, maximize on efficiency and use templates.
  • Signatures
    It might seem small but the few seconds it takes to write ‘regards etc.’ can be eliminated through settings. Those few seconds add up and when eliminated can save countless hours in the long term.
  • Business Plans
    When a small business is constantly undergoing growth and change relying on business plans and objectives is essential. Having such plans that all look the same and relevant to everybody will promote and ease of understanding across the entire organisation. This in turn will promote communication and the changes in general.

These are some of many key elements in slimming down business process in order to maximise on efficiency. Areas that cut down on wasted time, double handling and bottlenecks all should be carefully analysed in order to promote a fast and efficient business design and structure.