At Nudge, being online accountants means that we have clients with small businesses and start-ups all over Australia. All our systems are online, and we speak to our clients each month via telephone, email or Skype. While our physical location is in Sydney, the majority of our client base is not in Sydney.

Up until now, our small business and start-up clients have all been based relatively close to capital cities. So, while they had easy access to accountants and bookkeepers, our Nudge model was really one they chose because we offered something that worked best for them.

The other day, we had a client sign-up to Nudge who lives in a remote community in the Northern Territory. He has an online start-up and his closest accountant (who only worked face-to-face) was over 200 km away. Being online means that we can bring a great offering to this start-up, and help small businesses grow regardless of where they are based in Australia.

Merry Christmas! And if you work over the break – take some time to work on your small business, rather than in it!