The classic rivalry, we all know the tension between people who use the mac and people who use windows, but for business is their even a competition? You would expect that windows would reign supreme in every industry due to apple being directed more towards personal use and windows purely ruling the areas for so long. But there is more to the picture; as technology and business as whole changes, so do companies processes and ‘norms’. By this, I mean that people aren’t simply running their business exactly how they did years ago.

Where technology is concerned however that is a lot of the applications and programs can now be done on either platform. This is mainly only for the larger commercialised applications rather than the ones that companies get custom made. This can be seen with software as a service (SaaS) systems, such as google docs, Gmail or Hotmail. SaaS makes it not matter which operating system you use as long as you can access the internet. So understanding that the decisions are more based on personal preference and other things like cost etc.

But still today it can be seen that in professions that are more based on design and creativity; apple products tend to be more prevalent. Whilst when numbers and words are considered, windows is the most desirable choice. It is up to you really to decide which device would end up best suiting your type of industry because who else knows what you do better than… YOU? Some people, however, tend to stick to what they know instead of even thinking about the change from one to another. They were brought up using either a mac or PC and they will tend to stay using that until either they are forced to change or they don’t change at all and have to suffer from any limitations. There are lots of different pros and cons for each system but the argument that you would have been used to hearing or even been a part of is changing, as both companies become more adaptive to market demands.

It can be seen first-hand where the design feature comes into business technology. Some retailers will decide to use apple computers purely because of how it might look in the store. It will add to the feel and layout of the space which makes sense; that is if it has all the relevant business point of sales systems on it. Also, tech industries will use windows based systems because it is easier to control the back end of computing processes.

Such differences that once used to be key argumentative points are now simply invalid. For example, people used to say that you can’t run “insert specific application here” on a Mac/PC! Whereas now, more and more companies and software creators realise the demand to have such programs be accessible and usable on either device is essential to survive as a business. Also with both platforms moving every day to improve and make more user-friendly designs and interfaces are making it harder and harder for people to simply pick one.

Although the two major competitors are getting more similar in some ways, they are also benefiting substantially from the key differences that make them stand out. Such differences include that Mac is less prone to virus and malware attacks but windows have more customizability in terms of hardware and software. In almost every tech industry and IT company, windows are the predominant player purely because of the areas of customizability. And when security is concerned software is simply installed to combat that area of difference. Similarly to that though people that don’t find the appeal of specs and tech tend to buy mac
Products due to how simple it is to do basic actions like browse the web, listen to music and edit photos. These types of people aren’t going to care to drastically about how much RAM it has or what resolution the screen is; as long as it does the things they need it to do.

With considerations going to a growth of the company, Windows is simply easier to change and adapt. This is both physically in terms of components and intangible in terms of networking and data storage. Businesses that require servers and large data storage centres will almost certainly need to run windows (or even Linux). This is because it terms of setting up such systems some applications don’t even exist on mac or aren’t easy or fast to navigate if they are.

These small but key factors of how they are different but also to why they are similar should all be considered when deciding which device your company would best suit. Either option may suit your industry and it could potentially be the smallest differences that are making your choice hard. Or you might have just been using one system over the other and have made your mind up even before reading this blog post and are fine with making sacrifices either way. But, knowing what you and your business need both now and down the track will allow you to effectively determine the most appropriate and relevant software and hardware in order to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.