I love sharing stories about how nudge has helped small businesses…

Empowering small business

Recently we took on a client with a small business in the building industry. For the last 15 years his accounting was basically a shoebox which he took to his accountant at the end of each year when his tax return needed to be done.

He came to us because he wanted more control over his business numbers. Chatting to him, he had a bank overdraft that was killing him and cost overruns which were starting to make his business unprofitable. Whilst he has only been with us a few months, he now feels more confident with his business situation. By giving him his numbers each month, he has been able to take proactive steps to fix these problems now, not in a year’s time.

With nudge, there is no more waiting till the end of the year to understand your numbers. By providing small businesses with their numbers each and every month, Nudge empowers small business to make the most of the options available to them.

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