Hi there, my name is Chris and I’m the digital marketing analyst at Nudge. This is my first blogpost and I’ll be sharing with you my experience at Nudge so far.

First a little bit about me, I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Economics/Arts with majors in Economics, Marketing and Chinese Studies. I have a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and investing. I’m a social media enthusiast, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube. I run a food blog, Facebook Page and a YouTube show.

I joined Nudge back in August and it has been an insightful and unique experience for me, my work includes social media marketing, content creation and analytics.

The reaction I get when I tell people that I work in digital marketing for an accounting firm is “Oh..an accounting firm.” So I explain to them what Nudge is and how incredible it is, I usually throw in some buzzwords like “cloud computing” and “innovation”. Then I list all the amazing and famous clients Nudge has like Showpony, The Entourage and Shoestring Media.

From now I’ll be a regular contributor writing posts about marketing, technology and startups. So make sure to tune in!