Nudge Accounting, Bitcoin

Nudge Accounting have announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoins as payment for their startup and small business packages. This makes Nudge the first accounting firm in Australia to accept payment via digital currency and cements their position as an industry leader providing online accounting services to startups and small businesses around Australia.

Opening the door to payment by Bitcoin complements the Nudge subscription payment model and allows clients to manage their accounting and tax with a payment type they are increasingly comfortable, and familiar with.

“With many of our clients in the startup community, we need to look at the way they work and so accepting Bitcoin payments for us was a natural progression,” says Aaron Wallace, Co-founder and Operations Director of Nudge Accounting. “Providing packages that included cloud software, fixed prices and subscription models to our clients made things very startup friendly but Bitcoins popularity in this community makes it a payment option we had to include”.

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency that has been increasing in popularity. Payment using Bitcoin is now accepted by WordPress, Overstock and Virgin Galactic and is increasing in popularity due to its lower transactions costs. Acceptance of Bitcoin payments from many Bitcoin merchants allows suppliers to either retain payment in Bitcoins or convert to their local currency.

As online accountants, Nudge Accounting have moved away from unpopular time based billing to fixed price packages that use technology to create value for startup and small business clients. With cloud based software and leading market systems, we are able to offer all the bookkeeping, accounting and tax that a client needs in a way that traditional accountants can’t provide.

“When startups and small businesses change, we need to change with them and accepting Bitcoin payments shows that we are listening to our clients” adds Aaron.