Nudge Accounting is a provider of an online accounting solution for new and small businesses. The type that requires a simple monthly payment that is custom chosen by your business to provide you with the data and information that is supplied on a regular basis. Nudge reinforces attributes of security, reliability, practicality and trustworthiness, all while being competitively priced. Nudge offers clients online accounting and financial reports, business improvement reviews, taxation services, KPI management and just recently the option to receive consultation and advice services. These key services combined with the ability to receive expert advisory feedback; formulated around the business data, allows for managers to fully develop and maintain a functional and growing workspace. When compared to accounting in-house, the time involved with hiring and maintaining financial employees could always be better spent developing the business as a whole. With 80 years of experience and a growing team, Nudge understands what is important to your business and its accounts. Superior customer service coupled with such an understanding of its area allows for your business accounts to realise their full potential and bring you the manager the information needed to fuel the decisions that create success. For new or more traditional companies that haven’t been convinced by the power of online accounting yet, Nudge confidently suggests a Free Business Health check. Such a report is undertaken by our devoted team where an analysis and advice is given based on the current financial standpoint of your report. This report in detail covers areas such as revenue projection, breakeven point, profitability, growth and cash flow all with substantial depth and detail. Ultimately, Nudge cooperates with your business in order to bring you manger a cost effective, responsive and detailed report to turn your number into knowledge.