If there is one thing to understand it’s that most importantly, the ‘cloud’ isn’t a physical object or location. The ‘Cloud’ is the term given to online resource locations, server centres for example that offer web based services. The benefits for such services range from storage, back up and security, to the application and sharing of applications and programs online. When recognising the potential for such an easily accessible service, Low cost’s is one of the main factors that people recognise when researching potential cloud operations. Starter and small business’s need to incorporate the methods and technology into their day to day processes in order to maximise productivity and work flow.

Storage/back up –

Storage and having multiple back up’s is vastly important both in personal and organisational computing. Preparation and risk minimisation is orientated around recognising and preventing any potential data or information loss. If in the scenario that you or your business had all of its important information located on one computer or hard drive, and there was a theft, disaster or even a computer malfunction that caused the loss of such sensitive data. The costs in time and money to potentially recover files that might never be recovered is enormous compared to the time it takes to simple make another copy on a web based server.

There are countless examples of why backing up and transferring information to web based servers is the best option. And then twice as many people who have a bad story about losing a lot of sensitive information whether it be through computer or human error. Businesses that sooner or later recognise the storage and back up importance to their business processes will benefit in areas of time, money and effort.

Security and safety –

Reputable Cloud computing vendors, reinforce ideals of security and data isolation. This perpetuates a safe and reliable environment where information and data is accessible from any location that offers internet accessibility. With users who are authorised to access the information only being able to access view and contribute to it. The Cloud’s constantly auto saving format reinforces to the users and clients that if there was to be an issue with physical computing or human error, the files and work done would not be changed, damaged or deleted.
One of the main factors with regards to security is that of authorisation. People who have the authorisation, to contribute and view information are the only ones that can do so. Human errors don’t play a factor unless the web based information is left open on computing devices for over lookers to see.

Applications –

The Cloud also offers programs and software to be hosted at server centres and external locations to the user so that all the clouds benefits can be encompassed. Web based applications and software are browser orientated programs that run over the internet (Cloud). Many of you will already be using such a service, if you use a Gmail or a Hotmail emailing account, that is a web based application that is dependent on internet connection. This type of software is beneficial for many reasons, mainly users don’t have to install or upgrade the program on a regular basis, and real time updates are done at the source. Another reason that web basing processes are beneficial is due to safety and reliability; real time saving of data is done as words are added and taken away every time a change is made. This means that if there is a computing issue on the user’s end, wear it be the computer powered down or stopped for whatever reason, the information contributed is saved and not lost, it is effectively uploaded to the cloud.

Nudge uses this method of software for your accounts, so that all avenues are covered in consideration for accountability and reliability. We recognise, the key elements involved in cloud computing and how businesses of today process timely information over internet resource’s like the cloud. Nudge contributes to the developing and emerging companies by providing them with the services and accounts they need over such cloud computing avenues that reinforce secure, fast web based services and applications. This provides the managers and founders to focus on developing their products and services and without the stress of sensitive information being lost or stolen.