Nudge has been chatting to start-ups over the last week and we wanted to let you know where we’ve been.

We started last weekend at The Entourage’s Scalable & Saleable program where I mentor some amazing business owners on their start-up finances.

Why? You can never get enough of your start-up numbers because they tell a story about your business!!

We started off the last day of the August program with a mentor’s motivational brief alongside Jack Delosa, Andrew Morello, Petar Lackovic and Clair Jennifer among others ….

Nudge at The Entourage Scalable & Saleable program #start-ups

Then it was down to the heavy lifting. I had the chance to chat to some amazing start-ups and small businesses about using their numbers to make great decisions and to give them the ultimate competitive advantage.

This picture is me sitting down with Sali Stevanja from Stylerunner. She is an absolute weapon and someone who I would describe as an inspirational female entrepreneur who understands her market very well!! I also ran into some of our clients include Lorraine Murphy from The Remarkables Group.

Great start-up event with @scobleizer and @kogan on the judging panel. Congratulations to ollo mobile on their win with a device I would use immediately for my grandparents if I could!

We’ll be seeing you at more start-up events as we spread the Nudge message.