Xero, Nudge Accounting, Gold partner

We reflect often in Nudge on why we have made the decisions we have. And one of the biggest decisions we had to make was to use Xero accounting software. As a Gold Partner and one of the largest Xero accounting partners in Australia, we thought about what makes our small business and startup clients happy. And here are some of the reasons we think we have made the right choice to use Xero with our great clients!

Xero invoicing.

Nothing beats getting a top quality looking invoice out to a client and feeling a rush when you see your logo on the top and the dollars owing down the page. That’s what our startup clients tell us when they make their first sale or send an invoice as they are receiving a grant! And the recurring invoicing function is a nifty feature that many of our subscription based clients use as well.

Xero payroll.

A simple to use employee portal that takes a combination of timesheets, leave and hours worked and can calculate pay easily is what our clients love about Xero. When we educate our clients on payroll and they understand how the system works, you know that it must be ticking all the right boxes. Plus the recent addition that allows our clients to lodge TFN declarations for their staff online through Xero is just another time saver that we love.

Xero helps cut the crap.

Coming from a Corporate Finance background, you learn pretty quickly what does and doesn’t add value! And that relates to both the customer offering and dollar values. A couple of things we love Xero for is that:

  • It means we can work with clients at the same time on the same issue and just sort it out. Invoicing, purchases, payroll etc, you name it, we’ve fixed it with clients Australia wide in no time.
  • It’s simple to use. Clients don’t waste time on clunky software that they start to hate, and they don’t use, and they hate you for. Our clients like using Xero as they find it really easy for them to understand what is happening to their business.
  • It has a great help menu. The Xero help menu means that we can talk with clients about stuff that matters, and when a hiccup appears, it can be dealt with pretty easily. It saves me time, and teaches me things as well!

With a couple of key points, we think that Xero accounting software has been a great choice for our small business and startup clients. When it is all about the customer, how can you go wrong!

Want to know more about Xero and your business, get in touch on 1300 068 343 or @nudgeaccounting.