Blog Chicks

Nudge provides Accounting and Tax Services to a very large number of Clients located across Australia in a range of industry segments/sectors for example : On-Line Retail, Construction, Financial, Hospitality, Media, Medical and Professional Services.

Since Nudge became Nudge, I have had a fantastic time working with some of Australia’s best known bloggers (think Styling You and retro mummy) as well as Australia’s leading blogger agent, Lorraine Murphy from The Remarkables Group.

What has it taught me about bloggers? Their fun, unpredictable (in a good way) and each of them say they have the best job in the world. Why wouldn’t you want to work with people like this!

So in the spirit of working with bloggers and making things easier for them, Nudge are teaming up with Blog Chicks to run a webinar around what bloggers (current and aspiring) need to think of when coming on board the blogger journey.

While each blogger has their own style, we often get questions about when a blog starts to become a business (as opposed to a hobby)? How do you register with the ATO when they don’t even recognise bloggers as a legitimate profession? When do they need to start thinking about GST? Or what can you claim as a deduction for your tax?

We’ve got this all sorted, plus more. You can find more about this event here.