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If you are selling a product or service online, for example Ebay or Etsy, you first need to be able to determine whether you are operating as a hobby or a business.

What is the Difference?

A hobby is considered a spare time activity pursued for pleasure. Whereas a business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom you can sell your product to constantly, with the intention of making a profit. Once you are a business receiving income you are required to pay tax.

How do I know if I need to pay tax?

The following checklist will help to assist you in determining whether you are operating as a business that should be declaring income. Each time you answer ‘yes’, the more likely it is that you are in fact operating a business, however the questions should be considered collectively rather than in isolation.

  • Did you setup your online sales with the intention of being a business? If your home-based hobby has grown and increased in size, it is more likely you are becoming a business.
  • Did you setup your online sales with the intention of being a business? You may be carrying on as a business if you have set up a ‘shop’ or an online trading site.
  • Do you pay for your online-selling presence? If your online space has a brand name or proper business name you are considered a business.
  • Is your main intention to make a profit? If you are selling your items to make a profit than you are likely to be carrying out a business. However if you are selling unwanted possessions or household goods that you may receive a good price for, you arent considered a business.
  • Do you make repeated or regular sales? If you are selling a number of items every week for an extended period of time you are generally considered a business.
  • If you make the items that you sell online, do you charge more than they cost you to make? If you answered yes, then you are most likely carrying out a business.
  • Do you manage your online selling activity as if it was a business? If you have systems and processes in place, are advertising online, keeping your records and you have a business plan, than it is likely you are carrying on a business
  • Do you sell goods onlne, which would be sold in an offline store?

Why Does it Matter?

If you are operating a business, there are tax and reporting obligation and benefits. There are also a number of issues you need to consider, including the following;

  • Declaring your online income
  • The money you receive is generally assessable income
  • Expenses incurred while earning the income can generally be deductible
  • Accurate records of sales and expenses will need to be kept
  • You may need an ABN
  • You may need to register for GST
  • If your business results in a loss you may be entitled to offset this loss against other income, or carry it forward to offset against future income.

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