Whether you’re making tie dye shirts from your garage or quirky birthday cards that stand out, the online space of e-commerce should be utilised no matter what. The benefits of doing so are essentially limitless; as long as growth is sustained and built upon consistently. Here is a simple checklist of some of the basic things you should do, to build your business online.

Social Media

For a lot of starter businesses, Social media mediums like facebook and Instagram can be of huge benefit. Having a way to promote products and services (for free) and also track what people engage and what people don’t can show as a solid start and will also aid in the understanding of customers and how you can benefit them more and more by understanding who they are and what they need.



Websites are the next logical step (in some cases the first!) that need to be designed and built to showcase to your potential and existing customers your products and services in a way that is both engaging and informative. Some simple things to consider when building an or designing a website is to KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. You want people to enjoy what you have to show and say but also not be overwhelmed by content and images.



If you have your website done and it’s looking fresh and informative and you even have some feedback and people like it then the next step is to do one of these. Yes, a blog! If people want to know more about your products of you feel that you can inform them of something that they would be interested in that will also build your website reputability than go ahead! This is all without a concern to SEO (search engine optimisation) but mainly geared towards what your customers are after.



The best thing for any business is to consolidate and build your client base. Whether that be through the social media platform where people interact with one another and bounce questions off one another to solve common problems or on your website where blog comments can provide informative feedback. Another important way to build this community is by consolidating the emails of your customers to inform and notify them of changes. This can be done with any well-built website.


These are a few of hundreds of ways that you can build your brand online with there being no real end goal but to consistently improve and adapt to customers and what they need. These also will enable businesses to grow and potentially expand month on month if done correctly with the right types of products.