We had a client sign-up to Nudge today who was paying almost $90/month in accounting software alone. They were paying $49/month for their Xero subscription and $40/month for a Shoeboxed subscription.

You’re probably familiar with Xero accounting software but what is Shoeboxed? Shoeboxed is a cloud-based service that operates by taking all your receipts, scanning them into their system and extracting the relevant information from those receipts. You then receive this information in a format which makes it easier to process your books.

It made us think that innovation such as Shoeboxed can provide invaluable time savings to small businesses. However, even if you have a ShoeBoxed subscription, someone still needs to do your businesses bookkeeping, tax and your accounting. This service doesn’t do it for you. So in the case of our client, on top of paying $90/month in software, they had to spend time doing their own bookkeeping and pay an accountant to prepare and lodge their Quarterly BAS and Annual Tax Return. These costs were all adding up.

At Nudge, our clients don’t need a service like ShoeBoxed. Our clients scan/take a photo or post us their information, and we extract their data ourselves when we do their bookkeeping. Our monthly packages also include Xero. With the case of our new client, they were excited to sign up to a Nudge package which included everything they needed for their small business. All their bookkeeping, accounting and tax was done by Nudge No more separate accounting software costs and no more costly additions.

Are your accounting, bookkeeping and accounting software costs adding up? Switch to Nudge.