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Finding a small business bookkeeper is one of the most important decisions you can make in the management of your business. Why? They are helping you record and understand the financial performance of your business. We have written previously about what a bookkeeper does and the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant and you can find this information here. So what are some things that you should look out for when getting a small business bookkeeper:

1. Is your small business bookkeeper qualified?

It might seem a bit strange, but many small business bookkeepers do not have the necessary qualifications to do your bookkeeping effectively. Some things that you should look for are TAFE or industry qualifications, as well as ensuring that they are registered BAS Agents. Bookkeepers should be registered BAS agents if they help you calculate your GST or payroll liabilities. This pretty much means all small business bookkeepers. If they don’t have these qualifications, are you really getting a bookkeeper that can help you manage your small business finances?

2. Do they know how to use your accounting software?

Many small business bookkeepers advertise that they can use all types of accounting software. But this doesn’t mean they are experts in them. Always ask your bookkeeper what accounting software that they use the most? And if your choice of accounting software doesn’t fit into the top two, it might be best to look elsewhere.

At Nudge, we use only two types of accounting software, Xero and MYOB Essentials. Find out more we we use this software here. It ensures that we know exactly how they work and what you can do to make the most out of them.

3. If your bookkeeper can’t answer your question, who will?

As you deal with your bookkeeper a lot more frequently than your accountant, who do they turn to if they can’t answer your question. And what happens if they don’t know how to treat an accounting issue as they don’t have the knowledge or expertise? Does this mean that your numbers don’t make sense until you next see your accountant. Make sure that you know who to turn to if your bookkeeper doesn’t have the answers so you have up to date numbers in your business.

4. How do I avoid these issues?

Nudge does all the bookkeeping, accounting and tax for small businesses and startups. What this means is that you don’t need to worry about quality issues with your bookkeeper, as we have qualified accountants doing the bookkeeping for your small business. Using Nudge means you have up to date numbers you can have confidence in, plus we can answer all your accounting and tax questions as well.