Xero, Nudge Accounting, Startup dailyStartup Daily today interviewed Xero about how its customers use its accounting software. And Emma Petroulas from Nudge Accounting gave her views in the article on how accounting software, including Xero, can help startups and small businesses.

So what were some of the things that Emma had to say about Xero and accounting numbers for businesses:

  • “The thing about numbers is that they don’t lie,” she says. “What we generally find with startups is that they tend to overstate the financial health of their business, but when they have their numbers in front of them it forces them to make some difficult decisions.”
  • When a client knows their numbers, they can make the best decisions for their business. Nudge Accounting says that they use Xero to process clients’ numbers each month, which means that they have almost real time financials at their fingertips.
  • Many of our small business clients have found it difficult to use Xero payroll,” she says.“Setting up payroll in Xero is easy when clients have staff who are on annual salaries, but when our clients have lots of casual staff working different shifts or irregular hours, they find it hard to navigate their way around the different payroll calendars.” In saying this, Petroulas says that they still use Xero and “love it”.
  • This is a vital tool in the startup environment and could very well prove an early indicator for founders that things are going pear-shaped long before that ‘closing down’ sign rears its head. Based on the numbers in a management report, clients can recognise inefficiencies in their business and improve many parts of their operations process.
  • “Using the tracking function in Xero, they have also been able to isolate and understand the most profitable product lines of their business, and change their strategic direction based on this,” adds Petroulas.