One of the questions StartUp businesses often ask is how do they know what accounting package is right for them. At Nudge we use both MYOB and Xero (for more about why we chose these packages, read Aaron’s blog post “Why MYOB and Xero. Why not MYOB or Xero?”).

This week I wrote an article for Shoe String StartUps on how to choose the right accounting package for your Startup. In deciding which accounting package to use, it’s really important to understand whether the accounting package has features which your StartUp needs.

Steps to choosing the right package for your startup, involves asking questions such as:

  • Do you want your package to be in the cloud or do you prefer desktop software?
  • Do you have staff, so need a payroll feature?
  • Do you need unlimited invoicing?
  • Do you keep stock and want to record the stock inside your accounting package?
  • Do you sell to overseas customers, so need mult-currency features?
  • How much do you want to spend on software?

If you want to have a read through the article on Shoe String, it is available here.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!