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Getting your business finances sorted. We look at accounting software…

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In our blog post this week, we continue a series looking at the three key steps that businesses need to tackle to get their business finances sorted. And our focus in this blog post is on accounting software and managing your finances.

Step 2 – How to use an accounting software to track your performance

The first thing you need is an accounting software for your business. Some of the key things you should think about when looking at accounting software are:

  • Cloud v desktop. Do you need access on the go and have multiple users or want to share data with your bookkeeper and accountant in real time, than a cloud based accounting software package is probably more suitable for you.
  • Do you invoice and need unlimited invoicing? Accounting software has a strong focus on invoicing and should be able to help you manage this function.
  • Do you track inventory? Make sure that your accounting software has this functionality so you don’t need to worry about costly addons.
  • Do you have overseas sales and need to consider other currencies. It will often be an additional cost but it is so important in tracking things effectively.

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Startups leverage Xero: Nudge Accounting in Startup Daily

Xero, Nudge Accounting, Startup dailyStartup Daily today interviewed Xero about how its customers use its accounting software. And Emma Petroulas from Nudge Accounting gave her views in the article on how accounting software, including Xero, can help startups and small businesses.

So what were some of the things that Emma had to say about Xero and accounting numbers for businesses:

  • “The thing about numbers is that they don’t lie,” she says. “What we generally find with startups is that they tend to overstate the financial health of their business, but when they have their numbers in front of them it forces them to make some difficult decisions.”
  • When a client knows their numbers, they can make the best decisions for their business. Nudge Accounting says that they use Xero to process clients’ numbers each month, which means that they have almost real time financials at their fingertips.
  • Many of our small business clients have found it difficult to use Xero payroll,” she says.“Setting up payroll in Xero is easy when clients have staff who are on annual salaries, but when our clients have lots of casual staff working different shifts or irregular hours, they find it hard to navigate their way around the different payroll calendars.” In saying this, Petroulas says that they still use Xero and “love it”.
  • This is a vital tool in the startup environment and could very well prove an early indicator for founders that things are going pear-shaped long before that ‘closing down’ sign rears its head. Based on the numbers in a management report, clients can recognise inefficiencies in their business and improve many parts of their operations process.
  • “Using the tracking function in Xero, they have also been able to isolate and understand the most profitable product lines of their business, and change their strategic direction based on this,” adds Petroulas.

To read the article in full from Startup Daily, click here.

Why Nudge uses Xero accounting software

Xero, Nudge Accounting, Gold partner

We reflect often in Nudge on why we have made the decisions we have. And one of the biggest decisions we had to make was to use Xero accounting software. As a Gold Partner and one of the largest Xero accounting partners in Australia, we thought about what makes our small business and startup clients happy. And here are some of the reasons we think we have made the right choice to use Xero with our great clients!

Xero invoicing.

Nothing beats getting a top quality looking invoice out to a client and feeling a rush when you see your logo on the top and the dollars owing down the page. That’s what our startup clients tell us when they make their first sale or send an invoice as they are receiving a grant! And the recurring invoicing function is a nifty feature that many of our subscription based clients use as well.

Xero payroll.

A simple to use employee portal that takes a combination of timesheets, leave and hours worked and can calculate pay easily is what our clients love about Xero. When we educate our clients on payroll and they understand how the system works, you know that it must be ticking all the right boxes. Plus the recent addition that allows our clients to lodge TFN declarations for their staff online through Xero is just another time saver that we love.

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Worrying about tax & my startup

Tax, Startup, Shoe String

A big stress for startups we come across are all the different tax requirements they need to be on top of.

Last month, I wrote an article for leading startup magazine, Shoe String on some of the key requirements which startup founders need to worry about.

These include:

  1. Registering for GST – when do you need to start worrying about GST? You need to register for GST if your 12-month turnover or anticipated 12-month turnover is $75,000 or more
  2. Tax & Hiring staff – when it comes to hiring staff, you need to provide staff with a Tax File Number Declaration Form, as well as assessing whether to pay superannuation, how much superannuation to pay, and how much tax must be withheld from their wages.
  3. Superannuation – a mistake a lot of startups make is in thinking that superannuation is not payable for casual staff. This is not right. The same superannuation requirements apply for casuals and permanent employees. Continue reading “Worrying about tax & my startup”

Nudge has been talking to start-ups over the last week….

Nudge has been chatting to start-ups over the last week and we wanted to let you know where we’ve been.

We started last weekend at The Entourage’s Scalable & Saleable program where I mentor some amazing business owners on their start-up finances.

Why? You can never get enough of your start-up numbers because they tell a story about your business!!

We started off the last day of the August program with a mentor’s motivational brief alongside Jack Delosa, Andrew Morello, Petar Lackovic and Clair Jennifer among others ….

Nudge at The Entourage Scalable & Saleable program #start-ups

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Nudge are Australia wide!

We are proud that the Nudge message about helping start-ups and small business make better business decisions is spreading around Australia.

Starting with clients in Sydney and Melbourne, Nudge now have clients as south as Hobart, as west as Perth and as north as Darwin and Cairns. We even have a start-up client near Ayers Rock.

Creating ongoing conversation with small businesses about using accounting numbers to grow their business is one that Nudge loves to have. We have to say a big thanks to our amazing clients for embracing the Nudge model and allowing us to be a part of their business journey.

So what do we love about the packages Nudge and why we think you will love it to:

  • Our packages include the price of Xero so you don’t need to pay anything extra
  • We do your monthly bookkeeping each month. Why pay a monthly accounting fee if you still have to do your own bookkeeping?
  • We give you monthly performance summaries that help you make better business decisions now, not in six to twelve months time!
  • We do your Quarterly BAS’s, Annual Income Tax Return and Financial Statements. That’s easy.
  • All for one fixed monthly price and done by Chartered Accountants

Nudge are proud to be start of the success of our clients and as we reach more Aussie start-ups and small businesses, we will share their stories. Watch this space!



Steps to choosing the right accounting package

One of the questions StartUp businesses often ask is how do they know what accounting package is right for them. At Nudge we use both MYOB and Xero (for more about why we chose these packages, read Aaron’s blog post “Why MYOB and Xero. Why not MYOB or Xero?”).

This week I wrote an article for Shoe String StartUps on how to choose the right accounting package for your Startup. In deciding which accounting package to use, it’s really important to understand whether the accounting package has features which your StartUp needs.

Steps to choosing the right package for your startup, involves asking questions such as:

  • Do you want your package to be in the cloud or do you prefer desktop software?
  • Do you have staff, so need a payroll feature?
  • Do you need unlimited invoicing?
  • Do you keep stock and want to record the stock inside your accounting package?
  • Do you sell to overseas customers, so need mult-currency features?
  • How much do you want to spend on software?

If you want to have a read through the article on Shoe String, it is available here.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!


What is the ROI on knowing your numbers?

I had a potential client call up this week and we spent a bit of time talking about the return on investment (ROI) of the work that Nudge does. Having only started her business in August, she wanted to get on top of the numbers. And she was interested in what Nudge could offer her business. But most of all, she wanted to understand what return her business would generate from one of our monthly Nudge packages.

It was a really good question. How do you assess the ROI on the work that your accountant does? From a Nudge perspective, we think about it as follows:

  • Traditional accountants generally help you comply with your taxes. The return that you generate from them doing this work can be broken down into (1) you are not an expert in it so let them do it all and (2) the time you need to spend getting them the work. This work really can be viewed as something to help you stay on the right side of the ATO but does it really add any value to your business.
  • On top of the cost of a traditional accountant, you have the following choices in getting your books up to speed. You can do it yourself, at a considerable time cost (time which you could spend getting more sales through the door) or you can hire a bookkeeper which is another separate cost.
  • How do you track your income and expenses? Often you will need to go and buy some accounting software to help you manage the business finances and to do your invoicing. You need to pay for this on top of your accounting and bookkeeping costs.
  • Then, because you bookkeeper and accountant work for different companies, you need to help them talk to each other and often when they have questions, you somehow get involved in answering them.

Is something missing here? With this complicated, timely and expensive process, have you noticed that no one is talking about how this helps your small business grow!

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Mat Beeche from ShoeString Startups talking about Nudge Accounting

Mat Beeche from ShoeString Startups is talking about how Nudge Accounting gives startups and small businesses their numbers each month.

A quote we love is when he is talking about the importance of the monthly numbers as says “one of the biggest things that I have seen with a lot of start-ups that I have interviewed that have failed or gone under, is that they are not managing their finances properly, and think they are growing faster than they actually are”. You can read more about what you can achieve from knowing your numbers here.

Why MYOB and Xero. Why not MYOB or Xero?

We are often asked about the types of software we use within Nudge. Why, because being an online accounting firm, the systems we use are really important to us.

When we look at software, some things we consider are:

  • Everything we do is for our customers. What do they want or what do they use.
  • What are the most efficient systems available in the market? It makes sense for our clients and it makes sense to us.
  • Cloud based systems are changing the way business is done, and the way accountants treat businesses. How can we offer our customers a better experience

When it comes to the type of accounting software that we use with our customers, there were many options we had to consider. But the two stand-out options for Nudge were Xero and MYOB. Continue reading “Why MYOB and Xero. Why not MYOB or Xero?”

We Are E.S.T. 2012

Who WE Are

At Nudge, we do it all for your small business: bookkeeping, accounting and tax. we can also help you with tax advice, company setups, personal tax, monthly performance summaries and specialist advice for small business owners. All work is completed by Aussie Accountants so you’ll never have to worry about compliance again.

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With the uprising of technology and the plethora of competition in the majority of industries, business owners tend to seek help and assistance in managing and tailoring their business to suit the era’s needs and expectations. The process of accounting provides reports that bring key financial indicators together. Understanding financial concepts and gearing clients to financial success is what we exceed at here at Nudge Accounting.Our expertise lingers throughout the field of online accounting and engulfs all financial cases. With years of extensive experience and a dedication for our clients success, we endeavour to evolve our existing methodologies, in order to transform into Australia’s leading online financial firm.

OUR COMPANY Commitment

A successful marriage between bookkeeping and accounting will contribute to the long-term financial success of any business. Nudge Accounting takes pride with their online bookkeeping and online accounting services that encompass all aspects and sectors of finance to ensure our clients receive the utmost finest service. Commitment is an attribute we stand for as client satisfaction is always key to evolution.Our reliability is second to none, as we ensure our clients are well organised and pursuit their financial tasks with accuracy and precision. Nudge Accounting propelled their excellence and with their dynamic team of online accounting professionals transcended competition and have cemented themselves as the leading online bookkeepers in Australia.


Our software and technological client interface is meticulous and seldom do alternative online accounting companies acquire this quality of infrastructure. This is what portrays our excellence and gears Nudge Accounting towards success. We ensure client satisfaction, by going through all the details and explaining financial situations to our clients. Engaging the client is what makes us stand out!Online accounting software, combined with online accounting techniques is a much more effective procedure than filling out paperwork because half the work is already done for you! Nudge Accounting take pride in providing the utmost finest online accounting service across Australia, with a variety of small to medium businesses and accounting excellence, technology and Nudge go hand in hand, just like the glove fits the hand!


Nudge provide exceptional accounting service and support whilst remaining price competitive. All of our packages provide the same great features for your small business accounting needs, which includes:

  • Performance Management Reporting
  • Annual Tax Return Preparation and Lodgements
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Financial Monthly Statements
  • QTR BAS Preparation and Lodgements
  • Monthly KPI's to Identify Improvement Areas


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