We have launched today and are delighted that you have come past our blog.

We’re planning to write this blog with the following people in mind:

  • You’re a small business with roughly six or less staff
  • You’re interested in running your own small business

We’ll cover a whole lot of interesting content. We will chat about issues we experience in running Nudge, as well as topics and info that small businesses will hopefully find useful. And, of course, we’ll also keep you update to date on accounting and tax news for small businesses.

Before we go, just a bit more about Nudge – Whilst we’ve officially just launched today, we have been working on our concept for over twelve months. In our pre-launch period during the last few months, we had a number of small businesses experience our service, and the feedback they have given us (some of which is on our homepage) to date has been fantastic! We’re the first Aussie integrated solution and are super excited to be bringing our service to the whole of Australia. Feel free to drop us an email, call or comment via this blog.

Emma, Mark and Aaron