We are often asked about the types of software we use within Nudge. Why, because being an online accounting firm, the systems we use are really important to us.

When we look at software, some things we consider are:

  • Everything we do is for our customers. What do they want or what do they use.
  • What are the most efficient systems available in the market? It makes sense for our clients and it makes sense to us.
  • Cloud based systems are changing the way business is done, and the way accountants treat businesses. How can we offer our customers a better experience

When it comes to the type of accounting software that we use with our customers, there were many options we had to consider. But the two stand-out options for Nudge were Xero and MYOB.

Some of the reasons we chose them both, and not individually are:


  • Xero provides small business with a difference. It’s not often we see people excited about accounting software but Xero seems to be making accounting a little bit sexy.
  • Xero allows direct Paypal integration which is handy for many online businesses we deal with
  • Xero also provides better integration and more add-ons which gives many small businesses the flexibility they are looking for.


  • MYOB know accounting and have been doing it for a long time. Plus, the products they make have been used by many small businesses so there is a strong market awareness of the brand and product offering.
  • MYOB has a superior bank download function with more access to more banks in Australia
  • MYOB have some strong cloud products that cater for small business with new products coming onto the market.

We like the fact that Xero has shaken up the accounting software market. We also like it that MYOB has responded and is continuing to innovate away from desktop solutions.

Best of all, we are looking at more cloud based options to suit our customers. More competition leads to better products meaning we can offer packages with more value to our customers. Offering both Xero and MYOB means that we can pick the best of both worlds, and give our customers what they really want.